Current Status Info:

Status Code Comment
Helios ban status setting 2 0=BAN, 1=RESTRICTED, 2=ALLOW
Ban status from Melbourne Water API 2 0=BAN, 1=RESTRICTED, 2=ALLOW
Override Melb Water? ** False
If override true, setting will be 0=BAN, 1=RESTRICTED, 2=ALLOW
Melbourne Water server status 2 0 = not connected, 1 = Error response other than 200, 2 = 200 OK repsonse
Pump - last known relay status 2 0=BAN, 1=RESTRICTED, 2=ALLOW
Pump - network connection status 1 0 = not connected, 1 = connected

** Manual Override:

Manual override only permitted for pump maintenance and testing purposes
A pump that has been idle for an extended period may be damaged or not function correctly
This mode can be used to test pump function and verify operation, and for preventative maintenance

To force an override of official status, tick "override" when updating. To clear a forced override, update status manually WITHOUT selecting "override"

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